It has been a year since Michael, one of our candidates, decided to move to Bahrain in hopes for a brighter career as opposed to the existing opportunities that were available in his native country.

Naturally, his search began on the Internet. Michael explored his options by looking at various, seemingly active job listings.

He also contacted many recruitment agencies to try and find something suitable for him but they all suggested he come to Bahrain personally in order for him to find a real opportunity. Gone are the days when people were hired from outside GCC with zero local experience. Hence, it was imperative that he come down to the region.

Eventually Michael took up a job with a local trading firm which he found on his short visit to Bahrain. He is now used to the job culture in the GCC and is making the most of his opportunity, however, he is still keeping a vigilant eye on new job openings. Is it really the right time to apply for new jobs?

Answer being, probably not.

Employers much prefer to see candidates with stable job records, as it a sign of dedication and loyalty, two qualities that are highly valued in the job market.

Therefore, job hoppers are most often not the most favored types of candidates and perhaps you should think twice
before you decide to pursue something new