Assessment Suite include:

  • Cognitive Abilities.
  • Communication Skills
  • Domain viz., Technology, BFSI, Manufacturing.
  • Performance based Assessments – MS office , Skillcheck ( technical and Non- Technical ) Behavioural/Personality

Assessments Retention Profile, Management Success Profile Assessments cater to a wide range of industry sectors which can be customized in the following ways:

  • Managing Group , Business Communication , Managing Innovation
  • Possibility to have both, open questions and multiple choice questions (including audio/video incorporation).
  • Variation in “point” allocation (some questions can have a heavier score if required eg: 2 or 3 points instead of 1).
  • Difficulty level of questions can range from Easy to Medium to Hard.
  • Customization of the number of questions and the duration of the test
  • Possibility to add own questions (for eg: company or industry specific questions as per your requirement/preference).

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